The Wanderer Returns, Boris’s Tale

It seems a very long time since 24th November 2019. The world has changed beyond all recognition, but for us that date sticks in the memory as our beloved Transit, Boris Van Bleu, was stolen while we were at a show in Leeds.

For months there was no news and we miserably cancelled his tax, made the insurance claim and started to replace our lost stock, show tables and much, much more which had been lost. We limped on hiring vans and putting off the inevitable day we would have to buy a replacement. Then one humdrum day in February we had a call from Northampton police – not only had they found him but he had contraband on board. He’d been used for nefarious means & dodgy dealings and was rescued after a police chase the wrong way on a dual carriageway.

As expected time moved slowly; after numerous engineers reports, bartering with the insurance & wringing of hands we decided to take the plunge and buy him back.

He eventually was trailered back from Bristol last month in the middle of lockdown. It was very emotional seeing him appear up the drive with his battle scars, knackered locks and missing number plates.

We slowly started the big task to bring him back to life. Bought tax & plates, took him to our trusty mechanic and we are now waiting patiently for him to return. Hopefully with the lifting of lockdown and the return of shows he will be back on the road after 6 long months. We will post a photo once he’s back on the road better than ever.

So I suppose the moral of this story is never give up hope and sometimes your prayers will be answered, even in lockdown!