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July Newsletter

Gorgeous George is coming to Vintage Festival 2012!

No not Clooney – this is our Gorgeous George, with Ruby…..and he is coming to Vintage 2012. George is a fully restored 1972 Volkswagen Beetle and he will be on show for the whole of the festival at Broughton House, 13th – 15th July. Come and see him and us there.

Our preparations are well underway for the festival; we are frantically getting stock ready for the show – lots of Retro phones, clocks, lighting, record players, homewares and maybe the odd radiogram if we can fit it on the stall. As we are based near to the show, we will be changing and adding stock daily and can we deliver locally. Visit the Vintage 2012 site for full details of the festival.


June Fairs – Vintage Nation

The first ‘Vintage Nation’ one day festival was held at Brighton Racecourse in early June and thankfully the rain managed to hold off for the whole day. The Venue was great and we had the Paddock Box where we set up a whole shop, with help from Lesley of Retropolitan. All this for a day! Mad I know but it looked great.  See the pictures on our Pinterest page.

Sold lots of stock and met lots of lovely vintage folk. Big sellers were luggage, lighting, homewares and the obligatory radiogram. Didn’t get home till 3am – but definitely worth the trip and looking forward to next year.


Wow a Radiogram on the Website!

At last one of our fabled radiograms has actually made it to the website – mainly because this one is so good we wanted to share it with everyone before it sells. It’s a Vintage Marconiphone, Model 4304 from the 1950s. Not only an iconic piece of furniture of the period, but a fabulous piece of Vintage technology AND adapted for any MP3 player!

Finished in highly polished teak veneer, with tambour roller doors to the front, and speakers covered in stylised black & silver atomic period material. It stands on ebonised legs, which are removable for easy transportation.

This gorgeous piece of Vintage chic has been given a comprehensive service and is fully working. Click here to see it in all its glory.

Well that’s all for now folks. See you at the Vintage Festival – do pop in and say ‘hi’