Retro Telephones

What could be better than the ring of a traditional phone? Maybe you prefer the chirp of the trimphone? Possibly something in Bakelite tickles your fancy?
Whatever your preference, all our phones are treated the same, we convert and restore all our phones to full working condition (except where specified).
For most phones, we strip them and clean all the mechanical and case parts, using special cleaners to restore the shine of the case to as close to new as we can. The electronics are then undated to ensure they’ll work with the current BT (UK) systems, and finally we add a standard BT plug on the end of the cable so you can simply plug in and go.

GPO Series 700 Dial Telephones

All our phones are fully compatible with the UK Phone network, however there may be exceptions, but we guarantee that all our phones will work with a standard  BT master socket and have been tested for such.

Each phone is connected to the master socket of our BT Line here at Retro HQ, and we have a conversation with it, to make sure it sounds right and that the other end can hear us, we dial out with it, and we also accept an incoming call. This way we know that it will work in the real world.

If you have a Virgin Media, TalkTalk or other cable system line, our telephones will ring, you can answer it, however it is most likely you will not be able to dial out.

To enable our phones to fully work on a cable line we can fit an upgrade which will enable it to work on non compatible lines. This upgrade can also be applied to phones on BT lines, this will enable dial phones to use the #(hash) and *(star) keys and give a memory option which allows faster dialling.

All our Reconditioned phones have a 3 month warranty.

Upcoming Shows

  • Leadenhall Vintage Furniture Flea
    26th May 2024

    London’s best loved mid century furniture market has a beautiful new home!! Bang in the heart of The Square Mile. This covered Market opened in 1445 but was made famous by apearing in Harry Potter as the Leaky Cauldron!

  • Camden Vintage Furniture Flea
    2nd June 2024

    The famous Vintage Furniture Flea returns to Cecil Sharp House the home of English folk music and dance arts.

  • Manchester Vintage Home Show
    9th June 2024

    Returning to the Vintage Home show in the fabulous Victoria Baths in Manchester offering a fantastic selection of Midcentury Modern and Vintage dealers

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