About Us

Retro Bazaar was born 10 years ago out of two people’s passion for all things retro, vintage, midcentury and cool.

We had mad ideas of opening a massive store but that hasn’t come to fruition yet…however we do have a lovely workshop, based in a Napoleonic armaments depot in Northamptonshire, where we carry out all our conversions.

Over the years the demands of the market have changed and we have learned to adapt; so what we sell now is significantly different from when we first started. We are specialists in vintage technology converting vintage radios and speakers to Bluetooth. We also undertake customer conversions.

This ‘technology’ umbrella covers other items we fix and convert to modern day use, including anything from telephones to typewriters, lighting to clocks, radiograms & record players. We also stock midcentury art, ceramics & furniture when we find beautiful pieces needing a new home.

We are getting closer to world domination, but it’s going to take a couple more years! Frankly we’re happy to continue selling retro, vintage and Midcentury to the masses, just as we are!

We hope you enjoy our website, and if you see us at a show, please do say hi!

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